The Central or Great Market Hall in Budapest was originally constructed in 1897. It is located on the bank of the Danube in Fovam Square near the Liberty Bridge. The market building was designed by Samu Pecz and is the largest indoor market in the city. The building has a colorful orange brick façade and a brightly tiled roof which uses the same kind of tiles that you can see on the Matthias Church.  The tiles were especially designed by Hungarian tile maker Zsolnay. Throughout Budapest there are five similarly built markets which all opened on the same day but the Central Market is the largest. During WWII the market building suffered damage but it has been fully restored.

The market has a ground floor where fresh produce is sold including meats and cheeses. On the second floor there are food stands and some of the best cheap eats in Budapest. Also on this floor you can pick up souvenirs like traditional crafts, embroidery items and handcrafts. Here you can buy souvenir packages of the famous Hungarian paprika and Tokaji. The market basement is where you’ll find the fish mongers, an Asian store, supermarket and a small pharmacy. The market hosts International gastro days on the weekends when the food from other countries is highlighted. The market is open daily except for Sunday when it is closed. 

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